First NameLast NameMaiden NameSchoolYearStatus
JohnAdams Arts & Sciences1970Planning to Attend
KenAdatto Arts & Sciences1965Planning to Attend
TomAlbrecht Arts & Sciences1975Planning to Attend
Mary JeanAlexanderHarroldSchool of Nursing1970Planning to Attend
DuncanAlford Arts & Sciences1985Planning to Attend
JaniceAllenRosserSchool of Nursing1975Planning to Attend
JeffAllen Arts & Sciences1975Planning to Attend
CathyAntunesCannonArts & Sciences1985Planning to Attend
KevinApperson Engineering1980Planning to Attend
TommyArrasmith Commerce1960Planning to Attend
RobAulebach Arts & Sciences1980Planning to Attend
LisaAulebach-ThompsonAulebachArts & Sciences1985Planning to Attend
DeanBaker Engineering1980Planning to Attend
JohnBakhaus Arts & Sciences1970Planning to Attend
SuzanneBaldwin Arts & Sciences1975Planning to Attend
AllanBallenger Engineering1980Planning to Attend
JimmyBaranik Arts & Sciences1985Planning to Attend
PaulBarkley Architecture1960Planning to Attend
BeverlyBarksdale Commerce1970Planning to Attend
LisaBarrSmithArts & Sciences1985Planning to Attend