Requirements: To qualify as a legacy applicant, your parent, step-parent, or legal guardian must have earned a degree from any school at the University of Virginia. Preference may be given to children of Life Members of the UVA Alumni Association.

Privacy statement: By submitting this application, you understand that individuals on the selection committee, who may or may not be current members of the University community, will have access to this information.

Deadline: Your submission must be received by 5:00pm Eastern Time on Saturday, April 11, 2020.

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In this section, you are encouraged to describe circumstances that may impact the student’s and/or family’s ability to contribute to the student’s college expenses. You are limited to 1000 characters. No additional documentation is necessary.

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In order to verify need and eligibility, we may request your financial records from UVA’s Student Financial Services. You may decline to authorize the release of your information, but we may be unable to consider your application. You may change your authorization at any time by contacting

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